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Re-Usable Cold / Hot Wrist Wrap

Mediflex Re-Usable Cold / Hot Wrist Wrap is a dual-purpose, ergonomically-designed, re-usable thermo-therapy wrap that provides icy cool or soothing heat. It contains a state of the art gel which provides soothing warmth or cold for extended periods of time.

Mediflex Re-Usable Cold / Hot Wrist Wrap is ideal for use during occupational, physical and sports therapy as well as simple day-to-day needs. It provides relief from post surgery discomfort, muscle strains and sprains effectively by offering both hot and cold treatment within one product. Mediflex Re-Usable Cold / Hot Wrist Wrap also helps reduce carpel tunnel syndrome, pain and muscle spasms.

The flexible non-cracking PVC thermo plastic membrane conforms gently to the wrist and on the pack adhesive straps allow you to move freely while using the wrap.

Ideal as a drug-free therapy for minor pain. Be sure to follow the instructions for use found on the box and on the pack.

*Can only be heated both in microwave oven and water.


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