18 threads /cm2 or 20 threads / cm2 gauze products with widths of 90cm and lengths of 100 meters are alleged to be sold in the market. Unfortunately, commercial ethics are so corruptly distorted and moral principles are so faultily twisted that products which are claimed to be 18 threads / cm2 indeed turn out as tenuous as 15 threads / cm2 and those declared as 20 threads / cm 2 are found to be as loose as 17 threads / cm2 whilst official inspection.

Under these circumstances, price-oriented clients whom are unaware of these technical shortcomings and product deficiencies may prefer these defected goods because they may seem cheaper at first glance.

Nonetheless, casting aside the width of the gauze product along with the number of warps, wefts, the quality of the yarn used and other international quality standards that must be met, when one buys a product which is sold as 100 meters whereas the item is in fact 80 meters, one is paying 20 % more upfront ! We feel obliged to underline and highlight this shameful and saddening fact following the recent ugly events which have unfortunately been recurring in the market.

We claim that the products we offer you are exactly identical to the products we supply to you on all accounts; i.e. length, width and thread-count.

Should there be a discrepancy established by a fair examination, we hereby undertake to pay you a penalty of 10 % amounting to the total value of the goods sent and we pledge to bear the delivery charges.

We kindly request you to take the above-mentioned points into consideration whilst making product comparison and carrying out your final product selection.

Thank you for your time and valued attention in advance.


  • 28.01.2012 - Mediteks began producing gauze fabric at the Edirne facility.
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