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The Mediflex Padding Bandage is a light-weight bandage that offers protection of bony prominences and absorp­tion of wound exudate. It is primarily used under other forms of compression bandaging and hard casts. The soft,  texture of the Mediflex Padding Bandage bandage adheres to the cast and makes it possible to cut the cast easily to individual needs.

The highly extensible Mediflex Padding Bandage can be applied crease-free it does not slip andconforms to any body contour.The padding properties remain un-impaired over the whole period of wear. High water vapour and air permeability, as well as low absorption volume of the tightly-meshed bandage, guarantee a convincing wearer comfort. The high cotton content makes Mediflex Padding Bandage soft and very skin-friendly.

1212175 10cm x 1,5m Individual cellophane 1100 76x46x52
1212176 15cm x 1,5m Individual cellophane 800 76x46x52
1212177 20cm x 1,5m Individual cellophane 520 76x46x52
1212186 7,5cm x 2m Individual cellophane 800 76x46x52
1212180 10cm x 2m Individual cellophane 950 76x46x52
1212181 15cm x 2m Individual cellophane 550 76x46x52
1212182 20cm x 2m Individual cellophane 500 76x46x52
1212187 7,5cm x 2,7m Individual cellophane 700 76x46x52
1212183 10cm x 2,7m Individual cellophane 750 76x46x52
1212184 15cm x 2,7m Individual cellophane 510 76x46x52
1212185 20cm x 2,7m Individual cellophane 330 76x46x52
1212216 10cm x 3m Individual cellophane 700 76x46x52
1212217 15cm x 3m Individual cellophane 475 76x46x52
1212218 20cm x 3m Individual cellophane 360 76x46x52